SEELENFROST-Nostalgia:Zwischen Zukunft und Vergangenheit

With their third full-length album, Seelenfrost from North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) offer raw, melancholic Black Metal with German lyrics. With their new member Nostarion (see Dämmerfarben, Folkearth etc.) and his classical approach on cello, the quartet assures to offer a great album. The twelve song-opus is presented as a lavish, hand-crafted digibook.
MOREDHEL - Satanik Endsieg

F.O.T.A. MC 006
Here comes the Tapeversion of this great album. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies, red Protape and a special tapecase. Split release between Bleichmond Tonschmiede, Runenstein Records and Fog Of The Apocalypse Records.

F.O.T.A. LP 013
Here comes the Vinylversion of one of the best album from this swedish Black Metal Cult!

This LP is limited to 500 copies and comes with a new great layout. A special - 250 Lps comes in black vinyl and 250 LPs comes in red/black haze effect. This LP has also some more specials.
TYPHUS - Grand Molesters Of The Holy Trinity

F.O.T.A. LP 012
Here comes the Vinyl version of this great album.
Limited to 500 copies with Gatefoldcover and bothsided printed innersleeve.

TYPHUS, the most Blasphemous band on earth, finally, after more than 5(!) years, return with their long-awaited second full-length-album and most fierce release ever! TYPHUS, once again, conjure ancient spirits of unholy blasphemy to sodomize the holy ghost and those who follow the feeble christian philosophy. TYPHUS spew forth another vile depraved blasphemous mockery of the one called Jehovah. "GRAND MOLESTERS OF THE HOLY TRINITY" will be the perfect follow up to "PROFOUND BLASPHEMOUS PROCLAMATION".
ULVDALIR - Cold Breath Of Apocalypse

F.O.T.A. CD 013
Ulvdalir from Russia strikes back with new full-length album of relentless and sinister Black Thrashing Metal deathworship forged of raging wrath (malice/desecration) and cold hatred. Fear the return of ulvkvlt!
The CD comes with a great 12 sided booklet and both sided printed inlaycard.

F.O.T.A. CD 012
This is the debut full length of the German band Khaos Aeon. "Exitus" is an ode to the spiritual death and the interconnected reincarnation.
A musical manifestation about the escape out of stagnation and limitation. Exitus is aggressive, insurgent and crushing.

This CD contains a coverversion of the song Frozen of the mighty Dissection!

SIGNUM: KARG - Chöre aus dem Schlund der Zeit

F.O.T.A. CD 011
Within their full-length "Chöre aus dem Schlund der Zeit" (translated as "Choirs from the Maw of Time"), SIGNVM: KARG from Germany (with members also active in "AtrasCineris" and "Kratein") melt rage and agony, melody and disharmony to four epic hymns of ruin and doom!

With their own, unique style the band creates a dark, intoxicating but yet deep masterpiece of aggression and atmosphere!

That is how Black Metal has to sound nowadays!
THE STONE - Neke Rane Krvare Vecno Pic LP

F.O.T.A. PIC LP 002
Now a great work of the Serbian crossbreeds THE STONE is banished on a special LP and austerely limited on 500 copies. A Picture LP in the noble Gatefoldcover with 8 violent Black Metal hymns.

F.O.T.A. MC 005
- DE PRAESTIGIIS DAEMONUM - the powerful work of these French beasts is available here as a luxurious tapeversion in an edition of 300 hand-numbered copies. An on both sides printed and colored cover, in addition colored sticker and as an addition a noble Pin.
PERISYNTI - Helvetti 666 666

F.O.T.A. EP 007
Helvetti 666 666! This title is the propaganda of these Finnish beasts. 2 elite Black Metal hymns which lend a face to the hatred. The EP is limited on 500 pieces and comes in the garment of old days.
ULVDALIR - Blasphemer

F.O.T.A. EP 006
The immense Russian ULVDALIR report back with 2 new war weapons which are a foretaste on the coming album. This EP comes in a 4-asided Gatefoldfolder and a specially poster. Limited to 500 copies!
MORIAR - Burn the Reign of Light

F.O.T.A. CD 010
Burn the Reign of Light! This Italian Black Metal horde celebrates an ice-cold and full of hatred fight against the hypocritical human brood with this work. Uncompromisingly, essentially, northern coldly!
WOLFSHAUCH - Form Mensch

F.O.T.A. CD 008
The melancholical longing seems to be bettered to a great extent. Now, the head of Wolfshauch choose in order to process his second album a path which leads to a darker, more nebulous way to express his conceptual idea – an idea which is focused on the analysis of human forms in a straight manner; based on his own psychological and philosophical shape.
SVAROG - Opus V Todesstoß

F.O.T.A. CD 009
SVAROG - militant, abnormal, power-glorifying! The first unique complete power album of an uncompromising German Black Metal horde. 9 hammered Black metals which are smashed to one the auditory ways.
MORS AETERNA-Sanctification

The full length album of this Satanic Black Metal cult from France. This release is inspired by Pure & Radical Satanism, Occultism and Esoterism. Luxurious 6 panel Digifile CD with a extra 8 sided booklet.
INTERITUS-Der Traum von menschenleerer Schönheit

F.O.T.A. PLP 001
Now the art of this German formation is perpetuated on vinyl. It concerns here a Picture LP in noble folding cover with 8-asided A4 booklet and limits on 500 copies. The first 50 PLps still became with a shirt especially made for this LP primes.

F.O.T.A. DLP 011
Häxan ...or mediaeval witchcraft and infanticide...
Split release with the great german underground label Of Crawling Shadows Records.

F.O.T.A. MC 004
Essential and special black art of two mysterious German bands. Professionally pressed tape with on both sides printed cover. Only 300 pieces.
CSSABA-Toxic Cssaba

F.O.T.A. CD 006
Psychically mad, abnormal, ready to power and persuasive Polish Black Metal with experimental elements. A co-production with Putrid Prophet Productions. Cd with 28 sided booklet. Side project of Furia and Massemord member.
AUSTERE-Withering Illusions And Desolation

F.O.T.A. LP 010
Here with full pride we present the LP version of this brilliant work of this Australian Black Metal protagonists. AUSTERE understand her craft and know how to rob of the listener with her laying waste music the soul peace. It concerns the debut album and this LP appears in the noble folding cover and black printed LP pocket. Desolate stuff limited to 500 pieces.
NABERIUS-Rebirth of the blackened cult

F.O.T.A. CD 007
Satanic Black Metal from Slovenia. This band persuades by straightness and leaves on her raid by the time just misery. By now with this debut album the band NABERIUS belongs to the spearhead of her land.
NORTHERN FROST - Northern black metal Shirt

F.O.T.A. TS 005
Bothsided printed shirt and limited to 50 copies.
DEATHROW-I walk the path of darkness

F.O.T.A. TS 004
Bothsided printed shirt and limited to 50 copies from this italian black metal cult!
Front. The wolf
Back: Following slogan -I walk the path path to darkness...Alone
AUSTERE-Only the wind remembers

F.O.T.A. MLP 002
This great stuff comes on 12 inch MLP with Gatefoldcover and black innersleeve. Limited to 500 copies and out now!
WOLFSHAUCH-Des Scheintoten Sicht

F.O.T.A. CD 005
In the volition to conjure up one deep part of a human being Wolfshauch focused on the creation of an emotional concept, which leads into melancholic, grief-stricken and aggressiv reflectiveness. OUT NOW!!!
MORS AETERNA-Behind the majestic mirror of death

F.O.T.A. MCD 003
MORS AETERNA is the morbid union of the elements of circle. Behind the mask of death and Evil, only one sorcerer: ArmaggueddA, leader of this musical procession. MORS AETERNA Based on concept of DEATH, Astral elevation, after death, fear of the unknown, nightmare and evil.
And Through the Ancient Belief, I will Honour the Immortal values of the Ancient Time. 5 songs of morbid and raw French Black Metal.
DEATHROW-Primordial Lifecode

F.O.T.A. LP 009
Solo project of Frostmoon Eclipse, Hiems and Macabre Omen Drummer. Raw and primordial old school black metal in the vein of Judas Iscariot, Clandestine Blaze, Graven and Satanic Warmaster. Almost 50 minutes of cold hunger and misanthropy.

F.O.T.A.MC 003
Second part of this german okkult black art! Pro tape and limited to 300 copies.
NUKLEAR ANNIHILATION - Mass Suicide Propaganda

F.O.T.A. TS 003
One sided printed shirt from this chaos horde!!!

F.O.T.A. EP 004
Fast, icy Pagan Metal nature-loving from the Ukraine without compromises. One feels in the most true sense, the pride of the band to your land.
ANWECH-My frozen dream slept too eternally

F.O.T.A. CD 004
Sense-clouding, depressively tuning and pensive Black Metal from Italia. Comes with a 8-asided booklet.
FÄULNIS-Kommando Thanatos EP sold out

Sick German Underground Black Metal. This Ep is released by EZ Production and Fog Of The Apocalypse Records and Eternity Records are the own distributer of this record. Gatefoldcover and limited to 500 copies.
INTERITUS-Der Traum von menschenleerer Schönheit

This will be the last album of Interitus for the time being. Ice-cold melancholy and grim Black Art which freezes the blood in your veins. It contains a luxuriously formed Digipack with an 8-asided booklet. The Band will return as they are, when the time is right.

F.O.T.A.MC 002
Mass suicide propaganda from Bulgaria. Pro tape and limited to 300 copies.
AMAZARAK-Saeva Omina

F.O.T.A. MC 001
Pure Satanic Black Metal from France. Now enter in our madness & dementia! Pro Tape! 300 copies.

F.O.T.A. LP 008
Technically and still raw, melodic and still abnormal cruelly. Gorath know how to give an essential mark to her music. One of the best Belgian Black Metal bands.

F.O.T.A. MCD 002
Cold northern black metal from Germany in the vein of Osculum Infame. Debut album from this German horde.
IAD-Penitentiam Agite

F.O.T.A. MCD 001
Brilliantly and with every fibre nastily the spawn of hell IAD strikes once more. This is Black Metal. This MCD contains a 8-asided booklet and the first 50 pieces come with a TS.

F.O.T.A. EP 005
Both bands present here in each case a new song. To orders becomes here full of hatred and untouched Black Metal. This EP is limited on 500 pieces and contains an on both sides printed extrasheet.

F.O.T.A. EP 003
This EP contains in each case a brand-new song of every band. This EP comes in a gatefoldcover and is limited on 520 pieces and hand-numbers. To the music do not need one a lot say. Complete subsoil. Totally Black Metal.
TYPHUS-Profound Blasphemeous Proclamation sold out

F.O.T.A. LP 007
This brilliant LP is out now. She appears in a Gatefoldcover and be limited us on 520 pieces. The first 100 LPs appear in white vinyl with a poster. The war has begun. Splitrelease with Eternity Records.
Blasphemous, cold, grim, necro, raw, christ crushing black metal from USA!
DARK TRIBE-In Jeraspunta LP

F.O.T.A. LP 006
Now the return of the great-furious beast has happened and the horror strolls on earth. This LP comes in a noble Gatefoldcover with printed inside cover and is limited on 500 pieces and is hand-numbered. German independent Black Metal which is not to be outbidden in this form.
DARK FORTRESS-Tales from eternal dusk DLP sold out

F.O.T.A. DLP 005
Finally. Now after several problems it is so far and the first work of Dark Fortress is available as a DLP. The sheet comes in a Gatefoldcover with new layout and it were taken up specially for the sheet two bonus songs. To orders becomes melodic Black Metal in the Swedish style. Limited on 486 pieces.
Black Metal Division Germania Shirt sold out

F.O.T.A. TS 002
One-sided printed shirt. Limited on 50 pieces.
NAVE – II (Ger) 525 copies

F.O.T.A. MLP 001
Advantgarde, misantrophic, melancholic metal,
A perfect mix to Ved Buens Ende, Fleurety and Katatonia!
in cooperation with N.C.U. Records
GEWEIH–Schrei nach Vergeltung 50 copies sold out

F.O.T.A. TS 001
IAD – Die Prophezeiung (Ger) 500 copies

F.O.T.A. PIC EP 002
Chaotic black metal, no compromise here!
DIES ATER – Rausch der Macht(Ger) 500 copies

F.O.T.A. EP 001
Melodic black metal, the Ep includes a new studiosong and a livesong, brown vinyl
PEST - Ad Se Ipsum (Ger) 500 copies sold out

F.O.T.A. CD 003
Black metal in the vein of old Forgotten Woods
VILKATES - Hostis Generis Humani third album (Ger) 500 copies sold out

F.O.T.A. CD 002
Mass murder black/death metal with horror synth
THE TRUE FROST - Invoking the aeon of Satan (Ger) 500 copies sold out

F.O.T.A. CD 001
Extreme hateful blakk sodomizing metalll
NOCTERNITY – En Oria LP 2004 (Gre) 500 copies sold out

F.O.T.A. LP 004
Melodic black metal from Greece in the vein of Emperor’s –In the nightside eclipse-. Last copies available. Gatefoldcover and clear vinyl.
SAXORIOR – Von Schmerz und Rache LP 2003 (Ger) 500 copies

F.O.T.A. LP 003
Black/Death Metal with a touch of Morbid Angel! This Lp includes a coverversion from AC/DC’s –For those about to rock-
CRYOGENIC / DIES ATER SPLIT LP 2003 (Ger) 330 copies sold out

F.O.T.A. LP 002
Both bands comes from Germany, the LP includes the demos in remixed version,
Advantgarde melodic black metal
NACHTFALKE / LUROR SPLIT LP 500 copies sold out!

F.O.T.A. LP 001
Both bands comes from Germany and plays a new style of heathen metal!