CAMULOS 28.02.2008
Camulos works on new stuff for a 7" EP.
TYPHUS 31.12.2007
TYPHUS are currently rehearsing new material for "GRAND MOLESTER OF THE HOLY TRINITY". The band will enter the studio this winter to record their second album. TYPHUS have conjured ancient spirits of unholy blasphemy to sodomize the holy ghost and those who follow the feeble christian philosophy. Once again spewing forth a vile depraved blasphemous mockery of the one called
Jehovah, "GRAND MOLESTER OF THE HOLY TRINITY" will be the perfect follow up
to "PROFOUND BLASPHEMOUS PROCLAMATION". The band continue their Luciferic journey towards the gates of hell attacking he who rides above the clouds yet once again. Proving their sincerity and complete devotion to the war against religion, TYPHUS attempt to enslave the human race within the three dimensional world of materialism...
Bow down to the U.S. Black Metal Elite!
CAEDES 20.07.06
Caedes have come along again to the work to write new material. About that one finds further details on the homepage the band.
VILKATES 20.07.2006
Here are to her in the spring of the truth. Lord Asgaqlun would be entitled as the only person to continue the band Vilkates, but a final line is pulled finally. Further details on this subject why, which is why and why one can get to know under
Otherwise would be still said that Line-up the Succession band is stable and the new work accepts figure and will soon break like a hurricane on You.